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Maximize Your Car's Value

Say Goodbye to Low Offers and Trade-In Values.

Say Hello to the Maximum Possible Price!

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Highest Dealer Auction Bid on a car

Earn More, Save Time, and Enjoy Peace of Mind

Why Choose Us

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More Money

We ensure you get the highest possible price.

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Complete Service

We handle everything from listing to negotiation.

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Dealers compete privately, driving higher bids.

We are different.

While other sites push for quick sales and share your info with multiple dealers, we focus on getting you the most money.

Our Services

We sell your car for the highest possible price, handling everything from start to finish.

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Full-Service Car Selling

We handle everything to sell your car for the best price, including:

  • Market research to ensure accurate pricing

  • Listing

  • Marketing

  • Negotiations

  • Filtering and qualifying buyers

  • Protection against scams and fraud


Dealer Bidding

  • You provide details; we get dealer bids.

  • No upfront fees.

  • Dealers don't see other bids, results in creasing offers.

Simple Steps

  1. Fill the Form: Provide car details.

  2. We Market: Attract offers. 

  3. Get Bids: Dealers bid, you choose. 

  4. Sell: We handle the sale.

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Our Commitment

Our goal is to get you the most money, save time and ensure satisfaction.

We strive to provide the absolute best service our customers deserve.

Client Testimonials

I had such a great experience with this company. I have no idea how to sell a car but these guys helped me throughout the process and supported every step of the way. My car was sold within 6 days of posting it and I sold it over the price I was expecting. They made the process very easy. Definitely recommend them especially if you don’t know how to sell a used car.

— S. H., Los Angeles, CA 

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